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Types of Blacksmithing Hammers and Their Uses

 There is perhaps no more important tool for a blacksmith than their hammer. It’s the iconic instrument of the craft, and we always envision blacksmiths wielding a hammer over an anvil. The truth is, blacksmiths rely on many different hammers, for different purposes, and every blacksmith has a range of hammers for the job at hand. […]

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Beginner Blacksmith Kit. Just Add Heat, And Beat.

​Blacksmithing is a hobby that is growing in popularity all over the world, as people develop a new interest in exploring this ancient art form and learning to work and shape metal with their hands. It’s a fantastic way to develop a deeper understanding of the art and science of metal working, and to make […]

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How To Make A Propane Torch Burn Hotter

How to Make A Propane Torch Burn Hotter When setting up your first forge for doing a little blacksmithing or, a foundry for metal casting one of the fundamental issues is how to get enough heat. Below I’m going to tell you how to make a propane torch burn hotter. Now, charcoal and coal can be […]

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