What Is The Best Random Orbital Sander For Woodworking

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Best Random Orbital Sander

An electric sander should enable you to quickly achieve three vital sanding objectives before the power tool can earn the title of ‘Best Random Orbital Sander’. First, the random orbital electric sander should allow you to realize a flawless professional finish in a wide array of DIY sanding tasks, including:

  • Smoothing down wood surfaces on new furniture to allow proper adhesion of an initial coating of wood varnish or paint
  • Heavy-duty sanding in building construction and renovation, such as smoothing down wooden floorboards, decks, guard railing, staircases, patios, outside benches, etc.
  • Thoroughly removing coats of old varnish and paint from wooden surfaces before the application of a different varnish or paint.

Second, the power sander should feature a high material removal rate to ensure you spend the least amount of time carrying out sanding tasks. Third, the electric sanding tool should minimize the amount of dust produced as you perform various sanding operations.

Luckily for you, the Black & Decker BDERO100 Random Orbital Sander ensures both professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts can easily achieve all three sanding objectives. This review article looks at the functional features, device specifications, performance capabilities and benefits of an electric sander worthy of the title of ‘best random orbital sander’.

Functional Features of Black & Decker 5inch Random Orbital Sander

The BDERO100 is a 5inch random orbital sander from the Baltimore-based power tool manufacturer, Black & Decker. This electric sander model comes with several features that make the power tool remarkably easy to use. The various functional features that you find on the Black & Decker BDERO100 include

  • Hook and Loop Sandpaper Fastening

Random orbital sander velcro disk fastener

The backing pad of the Black & Decker BDERO100 random orbital sander is a circular disc with a diameter of 5inches. The 5inch backing disc is covered with a velcro-like adhesive material that features countless hooks. The hooks catch onto the loops found at the back of specially-designed sanding paper. The hook and loop attachment ensures your sandpaper is firmly fixed to the base of this electric sander as you sand down wooden surfaces. This sandpaper fastening mechanism also makes it remarkably easy to quickly peel off used sandpaper and replace it with a new sanding disc. This is different from orbital sanders where they take square sheets of sandpaper that is held on with mechanical clips.

  • Dust-sealed switch

The recessed power switch of the BDERO100 random orbital sander is housed within a tight-fitting enclosure. These design features ensure the power switch of the BDERO100 is fully protected from ultra-fine sanding dust. In the absence of sealing measures, super-fine dust infiltrates into the contact points of the button, causing it to fail. Consequently, the dust-sealed switch of the Black & Decker BDERO100 assures you of an extended tool life when you purchase this electric random orbital sander.

  • Random orbit action 

The Black & Decker BDERO100 random orbital sander comes with a powerful 2-ampere AC motor capable of attaining an impressive 12,000 Orbits per Minute (OPM). The patented gear mechanism attached to the high-torque motor of the BDERO100 guarantees the sanding disc moves through random orbits of rotation. The random orbital motion and high rotation rate of this electric sander allow you to achieve three desirable sanding performance outcomes easily:

  1. The complete elimination of cross-grain scratching on all wood surfaces you are sand down. Consequently, you achieve a perfectly smooth sanded surface when you use the Black & Decker BDERO100 Random Orbital Sander to carry out a wide array of sanding tasks.


  1. A high material removal rate from target surfaces, which translates to reduced turnaround time in your sanding operations. As a result, you realize considerable time saving when you use this Black & Decker electric sander for your sanding tasks.


  1. The rapid removal of material from surfaces makes it possible for you to use the BDERO100 random orbit sander to shape wooden workpieces to precise dimensions. Therefore, you can use this electric sander to perfect concave and convex surfaces on furniture pieces such as chair and table legs, wooden tabletops, headboards, etc.


  • Runtime Duct Removal

As you use the BDERO100 random orbital sander, the fine dust that is generated is efficiently sucked into the device via a series of perforations on both the sanding disc and the backing pad. The vacuum system of this electric sander conveys the collected debris into a side-mounted dust bag. Since vacuumed sanding dust is ultra-fine, you can carry out prolonged sanding operations without having to empty the high-capacity dust bag.

best random orbital sander dust woodworking

Once the dust bag fills up, the BDERO100 electric sander goes into automatic shutoff mode. You then empty the reusable dust bag in three simple steps.

  1. An anticlockwise half-turn of the dust bag container allows you to disconnect it from the electric sander easily.
  2. You then remove the dust bag, empty its contents into a waste bin, replace the dust bag into its purpose-built container, and finally reconnect the container to the BDERO100 power sander.

Using the BDERO100 Random Orbit Sander

You begin using the Black & Decker BDERO100 by mounting the desired grit of sandpaper to the electric sander. The sandpaper you use with the BDERO100 should feature a fabric back that allows firm hook-and-loop attachment to the backing disc. Note that this Black & Decker power sander comes with free ten circular sanding discs included in the package.

What is a random orbit sander

Once you successfully mount sandpaper to the BDERO100, you then turn on the power switch before you place the power tool onto the target surface. Doing so ensures the 2-ampere high-torque motor warms up adequately. You then firmly grip the round top of the electric sander as systemically sand down the wooden surface using easy to-and-fro motions. 

Verdict on if the Black & Decker BDERO100 is the Best Random Orbital Sander

There are several reasons why you should consider the BDERO100 electric sander the best random orbital sander in the market. The two most significant reasons are:

  • The remarkable ease with which you can achieve immaculately smooth sanded surfaces while carrying out a wide array of sanding operations using the BDERO100 power sander.
  • The notably short turnaround time when using this Black & Decker electric sander for your sanding tasks, allowing you to realize considerable time savings.

Note that in addition to exceptional sanding performance, you can also use the Black & Decker BDERO100 random orbital sander to shape workpieces in your DIY woodworking projects.

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I hope you love the products I reccomend. Just so you know, DaddyStaysHome may collect a share of the sales or other compensation from links on this page.

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