WEN 3939T – The Best Band Saw Under 500

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If you are looking for the best band saw under 500 dollars, you need not look any further than the WEN 3939T benchtop band saw. You can buy this band saw from Amazon an amazingly affordable price it won’t cost you a single cent above $500 to have the WEN 3939T bandsaw delivered to your doorstep. Check the listing below to see the current price on Amazon

This band saw features a powerful 2.8-ampere AC motor that is capable of moving the cutting blade at an incredible rate of 2460 feet per minute. The impressive sawing power of the WEN 3939T makes it remarkably easy for you to achieve precision cuts on all manner of timber, wood-derivative workpieces and metal working projects.


The cutting blades you can install on the WEN  3939T can have widths ranging between ⅛ to ⅜ inches, However, the maximum circumference of the circular saw blade you intend to install should not exceed 62-inches. Make sure you read this article to the end to find out how to safely install cutting blades onto the WEN 3939T benchtop band saw.


Unboxing your Brand New WEN 3939t Band Saw

Choosing to purchase the WEN 3939T not only gets you the best band saw for under 500 dollars, but you also acquire a powerful woodworking tool with an array of complementary components. The following function-specific components should be part of your WEN 3939T band saw package.


  • A tiltable 12 x12-inch work table that you can pivot up to 45 degrees while making intricate and detailed cuts on wooden workpieces
  • A ⅜-inch wide cutting blade made using high-grade tensile steel, allowing you to achieve cuts that are 3 to 8 inches deep and up to 9 inches wide.
  • A miter gauge that enables you to make precise angular measurements on workpieces 
  • An onboard dust port to which you connect 2-inch flexible hosing for the efficient removal of saw debris from the worktop
  • A fence against which you support workpieces while striving for exceptionally straight cuts
  • An adjustable blade guard that helps you minimize unnecessary tension on the cutting blade while making cuts on different sized workpieces.
WEN 3939T Bed Tilt

The main body of the band saw is fully assembled when you finally unbox your brand new WEN 3939T benchtop band saw. You only need to attach the tiltable worktop, install the cutting blade, and connect elastic hosing to the onboard dust port at the base of the saw. The easy-to-understand user manual should offer you ample guidance on how to successfully assemble your WEN 3939T band saw. However, we have taken the liberty to provide you with an even simpler cutting blade installation procedure in the next section.


The manufacturer of the WEN 3939T offers a 2-year warranty on your benchtop band saw purchase. The warranty means you are eligible for 24-months of free repairs from registered WEN band saw dealers. Furthermore, you have the option of replacing the benchtop band saw if the units exhibit serious manufacturing-level defects. That many of these features aren’t available on even more expensive bandsaws further shows that this is the best band saw under 500. 


Safety Features and Protocols for the WEN 3939T

The WEN 3939T benchtop band saw has several safety features designed to offer you maximum protection against injury while using the woodworking tool. The bandsaw uses strong cast-iron housing to enclose the upper and lower stainless-steel guide wheels. You access the guide wheels when installing and removing the circular bandsaws via user-friendly latches. 


Furthermore, the blade guards on the neck of the unit and above the tiltable worktop keep the fast-rotating cutting blade safely hidden while you use the WEN 3939T. Two guide rollers at the worktop-end of the guard rail allow proper alignment of the cutting blade with workpieces. The manufacturer has also included a thrust bearing which functions to eliminate undue tension on the saw blade while you work on tough wood.


While the WEN 3939T is safe to use, you should ensure you wear personal safety equipment while using this powerful benchtop band saw. The attention paid to making this safe  where others skimp , further demonstrates to me this is easily the best band saw under 500. Personal safety items that you should have while using this band saw include protective goggles, a face shield, leather work gloves, a work apron, and hard-tipped boots.


Installing the WEN 3939T Cutting Blade 

Before you can start using your brand new WEN 3939T benchtop band saw, you need to install the ⅜-inch cutting. You begin by opening the guide wheels housing via latches on the sides. Each cover swings sideways to expose the two stainless-steel via side-mounted hinges. You then fix the new cutting blade along the groves on the two wheels and ensure the cutting blade passes along the neck and worktop-end of the guard rails. 

WEN 3939T Best Band Saw Under 500

While installing the blade, you have to ensure it passes through the worktop slit and that the teeth face the right direction. The blade should rest on the rubber-tired rim of the two guide wheels, after which you slightly adjust the tension adjustment knob to keep the cutting blade in place. Proceed to turn the wheels by hand to check whether the blade wonders from the rubber track on the wheels. If the blade strays,  you correct the misalignment by adjusting the tilt angle of the top wheel via the blade tracking adjustment knob. 


Once you successfully align the blade, increase its tension on the blade using the tension chart visible on the neck of the unit. The properly installed blade should have a 1/4 -inch of play. Your WEN 3939T is now ready for use.


Benefits the WEN 3939T Benchtop Bandsaw

When you choose to buy the WEN 3939T, you get an affordable yet versatile benchtop band saw suited for use on a wide array of DIY woodworking projects. This bandsaw grants you the ability to make precise crosscuts, straight cuts, and angled cuts, in addition to an unlimited range of detailed free-hand cuts.


The WEN 3939T is invaluable when you are ripping timber or knife making steel to desired sizes at the start of projects, to the final stages involving fabrication of precise joints and pieces. Furthermore, the array of safety features on the WEN 3939T ensures you are protected in any eventuality. 


Bottomline – This Is the Best Band Saw Under 500 Hands Down

You can’t go wrong when you choose the WEN 3939T bandsaw for your hobby or commercial DIY woodworking.

The WoodWorkers Guild Of America has a ton of helpful tutorials on youtube to help you get the most out of your new bandsaw.

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I hope you love the products I reccomend. Just so you know, DaddyStaysHome may collect a share of the sales or other compensation from links on this page.

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