Stay At Home Dad Jobs

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Stay At Home Dad Jobs

Stay At Home Dad Jobs 1

How can stay-at-home dads help bring in more money?

Stay-at-home Dads! They change diapers, make Mac n cheese, watch Elmo, pack lunch boxes, dance class drop offs and love just as any other mom will love her kids!

Some couples decide for the ‘dad’ to stay at home and look after the kids while the mother continues for her job. As childcare is pretty expensive it becomes difficult for the families to depend on one earning partner completely.

Even though if your partner is earning very well, you still feel a void of not doing something productive for yourself and only focusing on raising kids. It’s important and healthy to do something for yourself too even if you are a stay-at-home dad!

Jobs which can add some extra money for stay-at-home dads!

If you, as a dad, want to add some extra money in the family you should be seeking ways to do remote jobs. There are many creative things which you can easily do without affecting children’s routines.

Be a Daddy Blogger!

Blogging is one of the favorite things among the stay-at-home parents as it is something you can easily do besides taking care of kids. There are many bloggers out there who are earning a handsome amount of money due to the content they publish and a long list of followers.

To earn money by being a blogger, you have to focus on a niche. Even if you don’t want to be a daddy blogger, write something you are really passionate about. You can easily purchase web hosting services from and start with your blog right away. To earn money, you should have readers who are closely following your blog and Google Adsense linked with your site so that it can run ads.

Do vlogging!

If you are not a person who can write well, you can always be a vlogger. Make videos of your routine life as being a stay at home dad and publish them on big platforms like YouTube. It’s the easiest way to get more followers and also doesn’t require so much hassle. Your kids can also play a part in your vlogging channel.

If you want to take it at the next level, you can use professional video making equipment, have a website of your own and can share your videos to other social media platforms. If you are doing things rightly, you can be a famous influencer!

Be a tutor!

If you have a college degree and you are an expert in one of your subjects, you can always teach students who want to improve their grades. There are certain platforms, like, where tutors are required to teach students and work remotely on an hourly basis.

This is one of the easiest ways to earn some extra bucks and you can continue tutoring when your kids are at school, dance class or even taking nap!

Be a freelancer!

There are many stay-at-home dads who are working as freelancers to add some extra money in the earnings. Freelancing is a vast field and an easier way to get paid if you have the right skills and expertise.

Many dads are working as freelance writers, customer service representatives, web designers, web developers, virtual assistants, editors, draftsman, etc who are not only earning a good amount of money but also enjoying a great experience with different companies.

Even if you are an engineer and not able to pursue your career due to your kids, you can still use your technical skills by working at home. There are many dads who are completing manual work by sitting in their homes and successfully playing a super dad role!

Be a Retailer!

Retailing is also one of the creative ways to stay in business. You can always sell products of different websites from your own resources and can earn commissions on each sale. By doing affiliate marketing you can be part of many big websites like the Amazon Affiliate program and can earn money.

Similarly, you can sell other creative crafts online. Dads involve their kids in their creative craft projects and do a lot of marketing, ending up in some extra bucks!

Some of the dads, who love cooking and baking, are also selling their baked goods and other food items in the neighboring. This can also become an extra activity for your kids and they can not only help you sell cooked items but can also get absorbed in this activity for hours!

If you are a pro with a professional camera or have a hobby of photography, you can earn money by selling your pictures. These pictures can easily be sold on online platforms where you can submit your photographs and wait for the customers to download them. With each download, you will earn some money depending on the site’s picture rate.  You can do this type of work at iStock, Shutterstock, Sqeeqee, and Dreamstime.

Be a nanny!

Ever wonder what you can also take care of your friends and colleagues kids while you are taking care of yours? Pretty cool idea!

Your friends and peers are those who trust you and know that you have left your career to look after your lovely kids. You can start babysitting their kids while they are doing their jobs and earn money at an hourly rate.

By babysitting your friends’ or neighbors’ kids, your own kids can spend a good amount of time. They can be friends and can play all day long without interrupting you. All you have to do is to take extra care, change diapers (if they are babies) and feed them well!

The hourly rate of babysitting depends on the ages of the kids. It also depends on the area you are living. Big cities charge more while small towns have lower rates. You should have a background check with the current charges in your area and start working right away!

There are a lot of jobs a stay-at-home dad can do depending on his skills and interests. You are already doing a full-time job by ‘being a mother’ to your kids and it may be exhausting. But if you want to be really productive with or without your kids, there are always plenty of options available. Let us know what interests you more? Are you planning to do something? How this article helped you?

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I hope you love the products I reccomend. Just so you know, DaddyStaysHome may collect a share of the sales or other compensation from links on this page.

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